Welcome to a new venture!

To save from repetition, click “Purpose” above to see what my purpose here at Columbus Conservative is.

Now that you’re back… Let me delve into it a bit more. I work for a TV news station here in Columbus, and as such I am responsible for handling the news assignments for the day as well as updating the web and social media outlets at night.

Long story short, I’m fed up with being a pawn stuck in a liberal world, unable to be able to share truth. It’s time that we all as Americans need to stand-up and demand that the truth come out, and for our leaders to be held accountable for their errors.

Please join me in this new venture. I’m looking for contributors and even advertisers. I’d like to take this to another level eventually, but until then, I’ll make do with what I can.

Future: I plan on implementing video reports, vlogs, podcasts and more in the future. I need support, and a following. Invite your friends, share it with your local Tea Partiers, Mercury One members, whomever. I want your feedback and your tips.

May the Lord continue to bless you, your family and our country as he guides us through these tough times.



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