Groups Want ‘Illegal’ to be Illegal

COLUMBUS — A movement that started back in 2011 has finally entered the spotlight. But probably not the spotlight it was looking for.

“Drop the I-Word” is a campaign focused on removing the word “illegal” from in front of the word “alien” when referring to someone who is illegally in the country, no matter their nationality or race. The campaign claims that this word is filled with racism and hate. The website (run by the Applied Research Center) reads, “The racially charged slur and related terms confuse the immigration debate [and] fuel violence.” The Applied Research Center is a 30-year-old racial justice think tank that uses media, research and activism to promote solutions, according to their website., a progressive organization that touts “civic action training” for members who want to join the 99% Spring, has jumped into the fight with a new ad. has openly spoken out for unrestricted immigration. They have been very vocal in their opposition of Voter ID laws that would require all voters to provide a valid picture ID, available to any legal American citizen. The ad below features clips from FoxNews and the Washington Times (both conservative news outlets) and photos of racism and hate from America’s past.

A line used throughout is, “No human is illegal, saying so dehumanizes them.” An interesting use of words from an organization that supports abortions. Is it me or is dehumanizing when one says, “A human fetus isn’t a human”? I think that’s pretty much the definition of dehumanization.

Speaking of definition, let’s define “illegal alien”. If a person is knowingly or unknowingly committing a federal offense by crossing the border of the United States of America, they are here illegally. An alien is defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as: “A foreigner, especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living.” Therefore, if you are a foreigner, not a naturalized citizen of the USA, and you are committing a crime by crossing our border, or living here… YOU ARE AN ILLEGAL ALIEN! It’s not racist. It’s not hate. It’s a fact.

Check out the video below from Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, where host Bill O’Reilly questions Mónica Novoa, the Campaign Coordinator for “Drop the I-Word” with the Applied Research Center.

O’Reilly calls Novoa right out onto the carpet where she dodges the questions, and when pressed for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer for her stand on immigration, she has no answer. Aside from what she would do with immigration if given the reins, O’Reilly hits the nail on the head about what is going on with this “movement”. They are trying to demonize people for accurately describing a person who is committing a federal offense by being in our country illegally.

If this movement is successful, how long until referring to illegals as solely “aliens” will become racist and hate filled? How long until calling someone a rapist or a child molester becomes “dehumanizing”? They are criminals that are being described per their crime, bottom line.

This blog and it’s contributors have taken a pledge to continue using a term that accurately describes a person and their crime. If a person, no matter race, nationality, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or otherwise is residing and working in the United States of America illegally, then they will be referred to as such.


Derek Drake


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