MUST WATCH: Shocking Documentary – Rumors of War: Target U.S.

AMERICA — A new documentary is making the circuit on the internet, and this is one EVERYONE needs to watch.

It doesn’t matter what your political affiliation, race, religion is or anything else people are being defined by. If you are an American, and you care about your country, and its future, you need to pay attention, educate yourself and watch this shocking documentary.

You may notice that this film is hosted and posted on GBTV, the internet based TV news and information channel founded by Glenn Beck. Know that this film does not feature Glenn Beck at all, so no matter what your feelings or inkling is towards the conservative commentator, please take some time and watch.

You will be filled with fear, rage and disbelief at what is going on in our country, and is being purposely ignored by the media and supported by the White House. Feel free to have an iPad, or smartphone or a separate internet source near by and search the web for yourself to confirm the FACTS this documentary brings to the surface. Click here to watch a preview of the documentary and see instructions on how to watch it.

All you need to do to watch, is sign up for a free two week trial of GBTV, and after you watch it, you can cancel your subscription if you’d like (if you need help in doing so after watching, please feel free to send me a message, and I’ll assist you). No questions asked, nothing. It’s coming to DVD soon, but this is free, and you need to watch and share with your friends, family and anyone who will listen, NOW! Get the word out so others can be informed as well. Anyone with half a clue, half a brain even, will see that this CANNOT CONTINUE! Please watch and share this with your friends.


Derek Drake


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