Sabbatical Over


COLUMBUS — Whew… What a doozy of a last few months. My last post came on July 3rd, and honestly, I have had zero time to dedicate to getting stories out there. But, praise the Lord, prayers have been answered, and my wife now has a new job that allows for her to take our son with her on days that I want to focus on working on this site.

I will still have him some days during the week, because I’ll be honest, after 2 days or so of not getting to see either him or my wife… It takes its toll. My work schedule is basically “second shift” whereas my wife’s is first in a way. So I see her through blurry, glazed over eyes when she wakes me to kiss me goodbye in the morning. My son is my only real connection to normal life that I get during the week, so getting to spend time with him when I can is essential to keeping my sanity.

Of course… he’s going on 9 months now, and is really getting around, so more attention is needed towards him to make sure he’s not getting into things he shouldn’t! I love him dearly, he brings such joy to my life! He is a wonderful blessing and being a father is AWESOME!

So thank you for being patient with me! Now onto some news…

News #1: I am actively seeking contributors to help keep the content on here flowing. I have garnered a verbal agreement between a few of my conservative friends in and around Central Ohio, one of them, another local news guy like myself! I look forward to sharing their voices with the community as well. If you are interested in contributing, please contact me via the contact form.

News #2: I am also looking for sponsors, advertisers. This is a simple small donation to the web upkeep fund. I’m not looking to make money on this (just yet), just get our name and the advertiser’s names out there. If you know of a small business in Central Ohio (that DID build their business), or someone who shares our values here, please have them contact us! I would like to get a domain name that is easier to remember and navigate to than the one we’re currently at. As interest increases, I’ve been working on doing a short 30 minute podcast one to two times a week going over the stories here and in the media that may be overlooked or told from a biased point of view. Though we’re conservative in political views here, we strive to show the truth no matter what side of the isle the story is about!

Bookmark us, share us on Facebook and Twitter (you can also follow us here), and help us spread the word!


Derek Drake
Editor-in-Chief, Columbus Conservative


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