Inaugural Columbus Conservative Podcast!

Columbus Conservative Podcast now available on iTunes.

COLUMBUS — After the 2nd Presidential debate last night, I felt that I needed to address some issues and false information that was put out during the debate.

My blood pressure shot through the roof during some of the blatant lies by the president, and just couldn’t let it slide. Candy Crowley’s partisanship and interjection could not have been avoided either. Please take a listen and leave me feedback with what you think about the first podcast!

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The podcast has been submitted to iTunes for approval, but could take a few days. Please share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Really trying to get this spread around.

Here’s a list of links used as reference in this podcast:

CNN Poll

Obama Rose Garden Speech Transcript – 9/12/2012

Arizona SB 1070 – Immigration Law

Bailout Timeline

Podcast (I apologize for not having an embedded player… I was having issues with getting one that worked):

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Derek Drake

3 thoughts on “Inaugural Columbus Conservative Podcast!

  1. I heard you on Glen Beck today. I’m so glad you called in. How can I help? I live on the East side of town in Pataskala. I’ve been losing hope because I feel people don’t care or don’t want to know the truth. Thank you for everything you are doing!

    • Heidi,

      Thank you so much! Don’t lose hope… Contact your local Romney victory center and take 1-2 hours and do some door knocking! It will revitalize you and give you a great sense of accomplishment and worth even if your reach one voter! That’s one vote closer to a better future or our country and our children!


  2. I, too, heard you on Beck today and it’s amazing that you got through. I honked at a car with Beck decals and we pulled over into a Kroger parking lot and talked about what we could do in our own families and friend groups to defeat Obama. I am pushing my neighbors hard in Hilliard to make them defend their Obama support. So far, none can. I also bought ten (10) copies of Dinesh Dsuza’s 2016: OBama’s America and I am routing them around the neighborhood and we hope to have a party to watch the film at our home. If you want a copy to pull together your libertarian friends and hold you own party, please reach out to my by email to and I’ll get it to you free of charge. God bless you for your efforts! Derek Drake is no sunshine patriot!

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